Monday, March 22, 2010

Pretty Spring Colors & Things In My Home!

I'm loving that Spring is here! It's time for more sunlight and beautiful colors! So to start Spring off, Joe and I painted our walk in area a gray color, which unfortunately looks blue at times, but anything is better than the last paint color. New paint job, means new decor. I have arranged things and rearranged, I'm sure you can all relate. And, I will most likely continue to rearrange until it's just right. I just purchased a beautiful vintage window pane, which I plan on painting the glass with Chalkboard Paint and hanging it on the wall. I also have another green shutter that may find a home in here as well, but not quite sure yet. Hopefully it will all come together. When it does, I will be sure to post some pictures so you can tell me what you think. Well, I'm off! Have a great rest of the day!!

Vintage Bells

Blue Vintage Seltzer Bottle

Delicious Easter/Spring Colors

More delicious colors

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  1. Once again you had me with the old books. The candy wasn't bad either.:0 The whole arrangement is really nice. Well done!