Monday, March 29, 2010

PATIENCE = Antique window, turned chalkboard



Patience is what you need if doing this project. I have always wanted to do some sort of project with an antique window. Many times I have driven by houses with old windows waiting to be picked up by the garbage man,and not stopped to get myself one.  Well, I could kick myself for this. They are in themselves works of art as far as I am concerned and look beautiful hanging on a wall as is. But I had another idea in mind, a chalkboard weekly calendar or something like that.  I remembered seeing an old window at the local antique mall and made a trip down to see if it was still there.  It was and of course I decided to purchase it. I even talked the store owner into knocking five bucks off the price. I finished this project on Saturday and I'm quite thrilled with the results! I can't wait to go buy some chalk and test it out with some pretty spring doodles or my weekly "To Do" list. 

Antique Window
Spray Chalkboard Paint
Painter's Tape
Craft Smart Acrylic paint-vanilla
paint brush
Q-tips (only if white paint leaks through tape onto chalkboard)
Frame hanging kit
Patience ;)

1. Sand wood to remove any paint or varnish, unless you already like the look of the wood frame
2. Give the window a good scrub and let dry completely
3. Tape off the wood with painters tape, letting no wood show through
4. In a ventilated area spray glass with chalkboard paint. Read directions for applying paint on the back of the can before doing this.
5. Let dry and give a second or even third coat if needed.
6. After the chalkboard paint is completely dry, tape off all outer sides of glass. 
7. Paint the wood frame if you wish
8. Remove tape gently being careful not to pull of chalkboard paint. If this happens you can touch up after and it will be hardly noticeable. Also if the white paint leaks on the chalkboard, lightly wet a q-tip and clean around edges. The paint I used came right up.  
9. When paint is completely dry, sand in various areas and edges to make it look worn in
10. Follow directions for frame hanging kit and hang on wall 
11. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Satsuma Mandarin Oranges -Natures Decor

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? Well, yes, I'm sure you have, but these little gems are pretty beautiful! The color is stunning. I spotted these in Hannaford and had to buy a few. And as usual Joe waited patiently while I searched for the ones with the best leaves. Did you know the mandarin orange is a Chinese symbol of abundance and good fortune? They are often used as decor or given as gifts! And no, I did not know this random fact off the top of my head. I was looking up types of mandarin oranges on wikipedia because I couldn't remember what kind these were. Well, I hope they taste as good as they look!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Makeup Spree!

I recently purchased some great products at Sephora and Macys and I thought I would share. I personally have not tried any of these, well except for the Rosebud Salve and Burt's Bees Day Creme, but I read all reviews and spoke to a friend that raved about a few of these. I cannot wait to get them in the mail soon and try everything out! I usually do not splurge on makeup due to my expenditures on antiques, vintages, and other home decor, but I thought it was time. Spring is here and summer is well on it's way, so what better way to freshen yourself up than using some really good makeup, face lotions, and perfume! I was in luck to have $100 in macy's gift cards still from Christmas so I myself did not have to spend all that much. I forgot I had been saving the cards to buy Birkenstock clogs  and didn't remember until I had already spent them, but I have enough pairs of shoes right? Ultimately, it felt good to buy stuff to pamper myself vs my apartment and I also think a new haircut and pedicure may be in store!!! Well that's it friends! Have a lovely day!

Smith's Rosebud Lip Salve

2 Urban Decay Eyeshadows- Sellout & Midnight Cowboy

2 Sephora Nano Eyeliners-Midnight Black & Glitter Brown

Burts Bees Radiance Day Creme

NARS Blush

BeneFit Dallas Blush

Christian Dior- Diorshow Mascara

Burts Bees Lip Shimmer

Philosophy Amazing Grace-Eau de Parfum

Friday, March 26, 2010


Well Holy Moly! 6 is the number of years my love and I have been together. We are not married, but will be at some point. Until then we will celebrate our dating anniversary. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful soul-mate. I have said before that he is my best friend and that is no lie. Yes, there are days when I say, "Babe, isn't it a lovely day for golfing?", but the majority of the time we are together and I would have it no other way. We do not change each other, but compliment each other. He accepts me for me, even on my neurotic, insane, breathe fire days, lol. He may roll his eyes or sigh when I bring home another chippy paint shutter or make him go pick up the free wood dresser on the side of the road that is missing four drawers that I try and convince him I will make it beautiful again, but he understands this is my outlet and passion. He surprises me with chocolate on days I need it most, runs to the store when I realize we only have one egg left and I need three, laughs and smiles at me when I am grumpy to him, which in turn makes me smile, does all the planning when we go on mini vacays to places like Maine, and brings home white tulips to put in my Pottery Barn Pitcher. These are just a few reasons I love him very much. And speaking of white tulips, I snapped a few pictures of them to share with you.  Oh, and a few of Joe and I!

Sun Kissed and Camping on Valcour Island!

Lake Placid Half Marathon

Jessie's Wedding

Another generous giveaway!!

Maria from Dreamy Whites has posted a giveway!! Annette Tatum, author of The Well Dressed Home and interior designer, is giving away a gorgeous queen duvet worth $253, to one of Dreamy Whites' readers. All you have to do is go to Annette Tatum's Home Collection online catalog, choose the duvet you like most, and leave a comment on Maria's blog post. But wait, you can increase your chances of winning by becoming a follower of Dreamy Whites and leaving a separate comment that you are a follower, and again another comment if you decide to post about this giveaway on your blog. Make sure you leave three separate comments to be entered three times as she is using a random counter. Good Luck!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't Miss Out on a Fabulous Giveaway!!

Here is a great chance to win some goodies from Marley & Lockyer. She has a lovely blog and shop on Etsy. She is currently hosting a giveaway of two pillow covers of your choice and one set of three mini clay tags. Just go to her page, find her Etsy shop, comment on her page what two covers and set of tags you would like if you win, and it's easy as that. For more details to win and receive extra entries or to just check out her beautiful blog visit her here. Good Luck!!

Pretty Spring Colors & Things In My Home!

I'm loving that Spring is here! It's time for more sunlight and beautiful colors! So to start Spring off, Joe and I painted our walk in area a gray color, which unfortunately looks blue at times, but anything is better than the last paint color. New paint job, means new decor. I have arranged things and rearranged, I'm sure you can all relate. And, I will most likely continue to rearrange until it's just right. I just purchased a beautiful vintage window pane, which I plan on painting the glass with Chalkboard Paint and hanging it on the wall. I also have another green shutter that may find a home in here as well, but not quite sure yet. Hopefully it will all come together. When it does, I will be sure to post some pictures so you can tell me what you think. Well, I'm off! Have a great rest of the day!!

Vintage Bells

Blue Vintage Seltzer Bottle

Delicious Easter/Spring Colors

More delicious colors

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Images 1-8 Sundance Catalog Online
Images 9&10 Country Curtains
Images 11-13 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop