Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pumpkin Hill

Our walk after lunch through the meadow
Inside the Bistro

To the meadow we go...


Pumpkin Hill Bistro

My beautiful Mom and nephews
So I'm back home visiting my family for just about a week and I thought I would introduce you to some more of my family and the things I love about being home. This is a picture (along with a few others) of my mom and two nephews, Andrew and Kyle. We are at the most adorable little restaurant, the Pumpkin Hill Bistro in Aurora, NY. Every little detail has been thought out. From salad served in mini colanders with a pie tin underneath, to your bill being brought out in a mini clay pot or tea cup. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was even better. We ate out on the porch that overlooks a meadow and Cayuga Lake. There was a slight breeze with the sun peeking through. After we walked a short trail through the meadow. What a lovely afternoon!
P.S. I have to apologize and say that these pictures are out of order, but I am very new to this blog business and will hopefully get it figured out sooner than later.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Delicious Birthday Cake and my Loves!

I made this cake when I was home visiting my family. I got to spend my grandma's birthday with her. I wanted to make a very special cake for her, as I usually do when I am around to spend her birthday with her. The recipe for the cake is from The Farm Chicks website. Its a dark chocolate butter cake, but I added home made ganache, fresh raspberries, and the flowers. My Grandma plays a huge part in why I love to use my imagination, cook, and craft. She is the most wonderful person has taught me so much (along with my grandfather, he is wonderful too!). She had me rolling meatballs at the age of 2 or 3, so I'm convinced this is partly why I love to cook so much. Anything I cooked up as a kid, she would pretend to love. My grandparents are true country folk, that live a simple, yet wholesome life style. I just love them!

Weekend in Vermont

So I'm very upset with myself. I went to Burlington, VT and FORGOT my camera. What a great first post that would have been. I did find a few good pics on the internet though. We got to see Lady Circus and the Mickey Western band on Church St., which was very entertaining, ate at the Vermont Pub and Brew, and Penny Cluse for Breakfast. I would have loved to snap a photo of my huevos rancheros at Penny Cluse Cafe, they are to die for!! I adore Burlington. People are so friendly, home is right across the lake, we finally get to stare at the ADK Mountains vs the Green Mountains, and I love the people's style, anything goes (even though I believe Burlington was said to have had the worst dressed people in the country, lol, I disagree). Anyway, it was a lovely weekend, but would have been even more lovely had I remembered my camera.