Monday, March 15, 2010

Joe's turn for Sunday dinner

Good Monday everyone! So, typically I would be posting something that I cooked last night, but since Joe actually decided to cook this Sunday, instead of ordering out (we rotate who does dinner every Sunday), I figured I would post his meal. It was delicious as I'm sure you can tell from the following images. It was a sort of shrimp scampi, with a garlic, white wine, butter sauce, roasted grape tomatoes, and spinach tossed with pasta. The one problem I have with it is there are no left overs for lunch today. I don't have a recipe to share so if you would like a summary of how it was done, please comment, and I will do my best give you directions! 

With a chunk of french bread for left over sauce dipping 
because we definitly needed more carbs


  1. it looks so good! add it to the when you come home list to cook!

  2. YUM. Tell joe next time he's home with you dinners on him. Looking forwaed to it.