Friday, March 26, 2010


Well Holy Moly! 6 is the number of years my love and I have been together. We are not married, but will be at some point. Until then we will celebrate our dating anniversary. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful soul-mate. I have said before that he is my best friend and that is no lie. Yes, there are days when I say, "Babe, isn't it a lovely day for golfing?", but the majority of the time we are together and I would have it no other way. We do not change each other, but compliment each other. He accepts me for me, even on my neurotic, insane, breathe fire days, lol. He may roll his eyes or sigh when I bring home another chippy paint shutter or make him go pick up the free wood dresser on the side of the road that is missing four drawers that I try and convince him I will make it beautiful again, but he understands this is my outlet and passion. He surprises me with chocolate on days I need it most, runs to the store when I realize we only have one egg left and I need three, laughs and smiles at me when I am grumpy to him, which in turn makes me smile, does all the planning when we go on mini vacays to places like Maine, and brings home white tulips to put in my Pottery Barn Pitcher. These are just a few reasons I love him very much. And speaking of white tulips, I snapped a few pictures of them to share with you.  Oh, and a few of Joe and I!

Sun Kissed and Camping on Valcour Island!

Lake Placid Half Marathon

Jessie's Wedding

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  1. what a guy you have...can see why you he is your love. many prayers to you both for a great future and God blesses you both.