Sunday, January 3, 2010

I know...I have been a blog slacker!

So, I know I have been quite a slacker at posting. I apologize for this. It has been such a busy time. And by busy I do not mean unpleasant. I had a lovely holiday season and am quite saddened that it's already over. Although, I do think my waistline is happy. Even with the holidays over, this first month of the year, is going to be pretty busy for me. But for the rest of the day which precedes the start of the work week and first week of the year, I am going to relax and not think about any upcoming events. And how do I like to relax the most? In a hot bubble bath with lit candles, a cup of yerba mate tea,  newly scrubbed feet and polished toes, and warm jammies and socks to follow.  I think I hear the tub calling my name... : )

P.S. I would love for my bubble bath to take place in any of these bathrooms! Cozy, huh?

Image 1-4 & 6- Country Living
Image 5- The Holiday

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