Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Most Beloved Cookbook

The small print to the right of the image reads, 
"250 recipes from the celebrated New England Farm Stand
Market that helped bring authentic flavorful food back to America's table."

I want to share my favorite cookbook with you because it has so many amazing recipes to offer. It is the HayDay Country Market Cookbook, by Kim Rizk. As I have said before, I would love to have a little cafe of my own someday, and these recipes resemble the style of cuisine I would offer. I borrowed it from a friend and was frantically copying recipes, knowing I would soon have to return it. I then decided to look on to see if I could find an affordable copy for myself. Well, I was in luck because I found a brand new copy for $2. Because it was so inexpensive, I purchased a second copy for my sister, Jade (PepperRose), for $3. I was shocked at the deal I got. I have used this book countless times and continue to look at it thoroughly when I am bored. You would think I would have it memorized by now. 

The recipes in this book are very simple, seasonal, and healthful. As the cookbook states, "Hay Day evolved a sophisticated farm stand style of cooking." Some of my favorites are Banana-Berry Muffins (which I shared with you in a previous entry), Vidalia Onion Dip, Roasted Chile Peppers con Queso, Shiitake Mushroom Barley Soup, Buttermilk Ranch Potato Salad (a must try), Pork and Apple Chili, Couscous-Vegetable Lasagne, Old-Fashioned Apple Crumb Cake (another must try), and many many more. This cookbook will be one that gets handed down to my children, hopefully for generations to come. It's that good!

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