Monday, November 23, 2009

I've got Shopoholism (is this a word) bad!!!

So it's official. I'm a shopoholic. You should have just heard me justifying to Joe and myself my shopping addiction. I came up with everything from, "Well, at least I pay my bills," to "I'm still getting everyone really good Christmas presents," to "I don't have kids yet...!" I think it really comes down to me being nervous the items I fall in love with, will either sell out or someone else other than me will love and purchase that one of a kind piece. I also find really good deals and worry I will not find a similar item at such a fair price. I usually don't buy the items my first trip to the store, but my mind will continue to dwell on it until I have it! How about paying off some debt or saving it?? Those sound like a novel ideas! Anyway, I do LOVE my new purchases, so I thought I would share them with you! Aren't they wonderful?

Pottery Barn Cafe Stripe Pillow

Cafe Pillow in Pottery Barn Room

Primitive Green Box
(Perfect for the top of my armoire)

Navy Striped Pint Pitcher

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  1. your a shopaholic!! it ok most women are. love ya honey...