Sunday, October 11, 2009

Most favorite time of the year!!

Hi there! I have been meaning to postmany more blogs, however, my camera is not connecting to my computer to transfer pictures. So, until I figure out what is wrong with it, I will have to do pictureless posts or get pictures off-line. This will probably make things not as exciting, but you will have to use your imagination.

Today I went for a walk at Pointe Au Roche State Park and was thinking of all the things that make fall my favorite season. I thought I would make a list and share with you.

1. Big comfy sweaters (no more bathing suit weather, thank goodness)
2. The smell of fall leaves
3. Apple picking
4. Baking with apples
5. Driving through the ADKs with leaves that are colors you have never seen before
6. Planning for the upcoming holidays and what I am going to make everyone for christmas
7. Apple-cinnamon scented candles
8. The smell of burning wood on a crisp cool day
9. Farm stands
10. Thanksgiving
11.Going to the Pumpkin Patch
12. Carving pumpkins
13. Fall Harvest
14. Canning tomatoes
15. Sunflowers
16. Football pot luck dinners
17. Yankees games (hopefully they have made it to the playoffs)
18. Handing out candy to trick or treaters
19. Knowing that I will be seeing my family a lot for the holidays
20. Hiking the ADKs

I am sure there are many more things I love about fall and if I think of more I will add them later. What is you favorite season and why?

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  1. i love the fall to. the crisp days with a beautiful blue sky...long walks and leaves blowing on a warm windy day. hot playing in the leaves...scare crows...pumpkins growing in the fields...corn stalks...smoke from a chimney. frost on a beautiful morning...and cozy nights under a warm blanket with my dog curled up next to me.