Friday, December 4, 2009


December 2008

December 2008 

Summer 2009

I loved his eyes

Last picture I took of Eli
Thanksgiving 2009

Eli's Grave
I received a not so fun phone call from my mom today. She called to tell me Eli was put to sleep today. He was diagnosed with diabetes over the summer, and as you can see buy the pictures, he progressively was losing weight. Mom took him to the vet with intentions of just having him checked out, but decided that it was his time. The vet did not argue and agreed it was time as well. 

I got Eli in about 4th grade. He was the first cat that I called "mine." I almost lost my two best friends because I got in trouble that summer and either had to be grounded from my friends for a month or take Eli back to his previous owner. Well, as you can see, I chose Eli. I think I made the right choice, because I still have my best friends and got to keep Eli. 

Not too long after, over the winter, I had my tonsils out. Eli made a secret visit to the hospital to see me. My sister and her boyfriend at the time, snuck little tiny Eli in one of their coats. Too this day, I cant believe they got away with that. But it definitely brightened up a sick little girl's day. 

Eli traveled back and forth with me to Grandma and Grandpa's every other weekend. He would get sick in the car almost every ride. But without fail, Grandpa (who was undergoing Chemo and would get extremely nautious when Eli would get sick in the car) and Grandma would welcome him to their house. My Grandparents also had many cats of her own. We had kitty birthday parties with kitty birthday hats and wet cat food cakes with candles in them. It was a very big event.

Over the years I became busier and busier, and eventually moved out to go off to college. No matter how long I was away from home, Eli loved when I was home. I know this because he would come upstairs and lay with me. He knew I was a sucker for his cuddles and purring and would pet him for hours. If you stopped petting him, he would inch his paw little by little until it was on your hand hinting that he would like you to continue. 

Eli loved to be outside, cuddle, wait for me to get home from school, and be pet for hours. He was even my Mom's personal alarm clock. Without fail Eli would wake mom up in the morning. As the years went by, it became earlier and earlier. This last week I was home, he would wake her at 4:15 am. Toby, my mom's dog, thought Eli was his best friend. He would get running starts to jump on Eli's back. He would wait at the window and cry if Eli was locked out of the house and waiting to get back in. He was the most easy going, gentle, sweetest boy I  ever knew. I will miss him very very much. Home will not be the same without him. I really hope kitties go to heaven. 


  1. Im sorry your so sad, wish i could take your hurt away. I know he isnt suffering anymore and maybe some day we will see him again. We all loved our Eli very much..he was the best cat in the whole world, so sweet and gentle.

  2. I also wish I could take your pain away. I sometimes think God plans these type of things to make us stronger for our next trial and tribulation. I know it doesn't get any easier, its just easier to understand why these things have to happen. No more pain and suffering, no more watching him suffer! Hopefully he's up in heaven running around like the little kitten you remember!I do believe that whom ever was in his life, he loved you most!

  3. He was a sweet boy. Im not a big cat person but I loved eli. You couln't help but love him. Your right home won't be the same without him. I was there yesterday and I had to leave the door open because my hands were full and for a second the thought crossed my mind that I wonder if it's ok if Eli goes out side then i rememberd. We will all miss him.