Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apple Jacks Orchard

Joe, happily picking away!


"Goat Mountain"

Coming for food

Love them and want my own!!

This past weekend, Joe (my love) and I went to Apple Jacks Orchard. We went last year and picked the most delicious Macouns and Macintoshes bigger then our heads. Unfortunately this year, the Macouns werent quite ready, but we picked a half bushel of delicious macs and cortlands. Later that day I made an apple pie (Better Homes & Gardens recipe) for a pot luck dinner that I had the following day. Emm it was so good. As for the rest of the apples, they will probably go with Joe to work in his lunch, and I will probably cut them up and eat them with Peanut butter. There will be no more pies for a while, as the winter weight is already packing on.
Also, if I were a pet goat, I would want to live here and play on their "mountain". Its amazing and they seem to really enjoy it. Last year while we were there they escaped and were scattering everywhere. It was too funny.

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